Identity Identical

A face largely defines identity and appearance. Through a face we recognize and identify people. We can read other’s inner selves from their appearance. Identity is a collection of elements that are mirrored on your appearance. But what is this collection?
Studying this question I took an everyday object – a mandarin. Besides the fact that food is essential to us, food is also a way we identify ourselves.
In the process I completely deconstructed the mandarin and became inspired by each element, creating a piece of jewellery connected to it. The wood-like surface of the peels inspired me to make wooden brooches; they have certain permeability, similar to that of the peel. The fragile and brittle white threats inspired me to work with porcelain and the little orange cells inside of a slice – to work with silicon. I wanted to simultaneously show the repetition and the diversity of different elements.
I travelled from the outer peel to the inner cells. As a result, there is a perhaps even scientific view of the mandarin. Every element is given its own attention because together they make the identity of a mandarin.