Goldsmith jewellery assignment

Goldsmith and jewellery artist Elwy Schutten located at Nijmegen designs handmade gold and silver jewellery.

Jewellery tells a lot about a person. What he likes and what his style is. Jewellery tells a story. The identity of this person. But also the identity of the maker. As a jewellery designer and goldsmith, I am fascinated by this theme. I want to record the stories that people tell, in a piece of jewellery. The jewellery must then match this person and complete the identity. The wearer and jewellery become one. This is my goal, my fascination.

Design process

To ensure that the piece of jewellery fits perfectly with the person and tells the story, I would like to meet two or three times. The first time is the introduction. Introduction to the story and the wearer. Are there any ideas for jewellery, will it be a ring or perhaps a pendant? Or is it not yet clear? Does a piece of jewellery symbolize a deceased person or does it represent a good moment? All parts of the story. What is this story? With this story, I start designing.

DesignReminder jewellery

I ensure that at the second meeting there are at least three designs with possible variations. Then we can discuss what best fits the wearer. Maybe the end result will be a combination between two designs or perhaps one design with a small adjustment is already perfect for the goldsmith workbench. After possibly another meeting or a test in “fake” metal, I start working on the design in the chosen materials.


During this process, I can contact the future wearer again about some details. Maybe the finish should be matte or polished, or that a stone should go more to the right than the original designs. It may look different in real life than at the design. Our goal is to make the perfect piece of jewellery for the future wearer! That they can wear it with pleasure!

MaterialsReminder jewellery

In addition to gold, silver and precious stones, other materials can also give a different addition to the jewellery. Wood can tell about warmth, creativity or life. Fabric about a memory a fascination or an expression. Ash about a loved one and the memory. So many materials and so many stories.


My goldsmith studio is located in the old school building at Krekelstraat 12 in Nijmegen. This is a building where all kinds of artists have their studios. A classroom is much too big for a goldsmith, so my studio is shared with another artist. Because we value each other’s concentration, please email me for an appointment.


I would love to hear your story and make a personal piece of jewellery for this. Have you become interested, or would you like to discuss an idea? Contact me via;