Measure the morale?

The cup is full. A Dutch saying that is said regularly against children and youth. I see then a measuring cup in front of me which is full of something and now floods. But with what is this cup flooded? What measures this measuring cup? The standard or the normal and the morale? The local standard or the standard of the Netherlands, the Western culture, Europe or the world? But a person on the other side of the world has very different sizes of normal. Do they measure with other measuring cups? For each “something” another measuring cup. Why do you even have to measure everything? And can therefore the cup be full. You have to have some rules to live, the happiness of one can of course not go over the death of another. But you may make several small mistakes until the cup is full. For thus says the saying.

If the content is the morale how does the outside look like? What is the unit of measure on the outside? Briefly; how do you measure the morale? And when is enough is enough? How important is the morale?

With this series measuring cups, I want to make people think about the morality. The measuring cups come in all shapes and different ratings of units in order to ask how to measure morale and with what?