Talente winner 2019

The plates made for the Steinbeisser project won the Talente prize 2019!! The jury was fascinated by the exploration of the material qualities and the examination of the relationship between group affiliation and individuality. Her works are based on modules and clear forms. They are characterized by tenderness, fragility, the subtle combination of shapes and colour. At the same time, they have a playful character in the combinability.

Belonging. This is almost as important as being an individual. Why do we want them both, being an individual and belong to a group? Why this contradiction? Individuals make a group and society. Without individuals, it’s an inert mass. Individuals have their own opinions and can share ideas. How can we be individuals in a group? And are we still individuals?

The plates are made from half-open tubes. They join with other tubes but not all the tubes, or do they? The tubes are loose, so they can move and join with another tube. Is then the plate or the tube one person or a group?

How do we obtain identity from groups?

Click here for more info about the Steinbeisser event (14, 15 and 16 June 2019)