Clothing or Identity

Clothing or identity?

Thinking about identity we quickly think of clothing. For example, how you can convey a different message with a t-shirt or blouse. Tell which group you belong to, tell about your origin and your future plans. But what does jewellery add if these messages are already told by clothing? A small hint to something more or something different?

If we see a piece of clothing without a human that wears it, without the identity of a person, we can read some values from the piece of clothing. When we wear the piece does our identity merge with the identity of the clothing or does the identity of the clothing reflect on us? Do we impose our identity to clothing, or are the clothes we wear imposing their identity to us?

But how does this story come into the clothing? Who decides the identity of the clothing? The maker of the designer? As a carrier, can you then choose from a few identities and switch them on and off according to your own wishes? Like we put on a mask? What remains of our identity when it is so intertwined with our clothing?

The pieces are made as small masks questioning the place and the interference of textile and the base of our identity, the skin where identity becomes visible.