Designer in Residence

I am excited to tell you that I am invited for a designer in residence in Pforzheim. The city for goldsmiths! I will work three months from April-June on my new project in the Emma Kreativzentrum.



How does culture influence your identity?
Every country has its own culture: the German culture, Dutch culture or the western culture. They are all a bit different from each other. Do we need culture? How does culture help us in our daily life?

Culture helps us to know what to do or what to feel. It provides a certainty in an uncertain situation. Knowing what to do or what to feel provides calmness in an uncertain situation. Shaking a hand can provide a good way to start an acquaintance.

People say that art is culture. Art is a different way to teach us what to do or what to feel. Can a piece of jewellery do that to? Is there information hidden in a piece of jewellery about what to do or what to feel? Like a token that you take with you to this uncertain situations?
Slowly our culture is changing. From the culture where you tried to learn everything about one particular thing to another culture where you want to know the relation from one thing to another. Archaeological funds are remnants from a former culture. What remnants do we take with us to this new culture and what do we use as a material to form the new culture?

What to do and what to feel is learned by imitation. We do it over and over again. Until it become a ritual and gives us calmness in uncertain situations. But do those rituals leave traces? Is culture visible at your identity? And how?

To ask these questions I used old figures from the former culture that were used to make jewellery with. These figures are full with stories, feelings and behaviour. From a flat plate I created depth by pressing figures into the plate with the drop hammer. For that I pressed different figures over one
another. Together they form a pattern. What do the figures tell each other and what do they tell together?
The precious metal is combined with soapstone, as two layers from your identity. The manifested identity and your personal identity. How do they relate to each other? How does culture influence your identity?


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