How does culture influence your identity?

Culture helps us to know what to do or what to feel. It provides a certainty in an uncertain situation. Knowing what to do or what to feel provides calmness in an uncertain situation. Like a ritual also provides peace. Art is a way to teach us what to do or what to feel. Can a piece of jewellery do that too? Is there information hidden in a piece of jewellery about what to do or what to feel? And how does this influence you or your identity?

To ask these questions I used the drop hammer. This is an old machine from the former culture that was used to create industrial jewellery with. By using stamps the precious metal was pressed into the figures. These figures are full of stories, feelings and behaviour. I pressed different figures over one another, together they form a pattern. What do the figures tell each other and what do they tell together?

The precious metal is formed like a vessel, to contain the former culture. A culture that we want to take with us in this changing new culture. In combination with soapstone, it is as two layers from your identity. The cultural identity and your personal identity. How do they relate to each other? How does culture influence your identity?

Pictures by: Benedikt Adler

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